Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin is a new institutional assets class

There is an interesting new analysis about the digital assets segment from Morgan Stanley (

and it basically says that the interest of retail investors in digital assets has vained but institutionals are getting very interested with a lot of projects going on. And the important thing is that Morgan Stanley is declaring Bitcoin as the new institutional asset class. This should help in adoption of crypto assets. We also see more mature projects coming along in crypto space. A lot of apps will be enabled by excellent cryptocurrency apis.

Do it yourself blockchain

I believe that for the blockchain to really have a wider adoption in society, it will need to be make simple enough so that a lot of more people will be able to do it by themselves. Internet really got big because HTML was simple for many people to program and create websites. So what we need is something similar, make blockchain coding more simplified. In this regard, this news is very welcome:

Gavin Wood is well known and respected player in the crypto community and it is great such initaitives to progress along. Hopefully something will be also done in the space of digital assets analysis, which I think is an important area as there are so many digital assets available right now.

On another news, there was recently news about Deutsche Boerse and Deutsche Bundesbank doing a successful blockchain test. More information is actually available in this report:

This is yet another example of major entities looking at how to implement blockchain in their system. Will be interesting if they follow up the tests with some major products. For example for settlement of securities.